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All her poor little duds she had taken There wa n t such a wonderful sight

And a shabby and faded old pictur Of me, and her mother in white.

She left me this scrap of a paper ;

She s married by this time, you see. You married her? Well, sir, how dare you

Come over here talkin to me? Forgive her? No, never! no, never!

She wants me to bless her ? The jade ! She is waitin out yonder? No matter,

She must lie in the bed she has made.

I ll never, no, never forgive her !

Who s comin ? Oh, Nancy, my child ! Ah me, she is like her dead mother!

  • * * * *

Well, parson, we ve got reconciled.


WHAT if the days are dreary ? What if the desert glows Beneath life s bitter sun-beat?

What if the wild wind blows Out of the North-Land stormy ?

What if Earth wears no smile ? A gate will open outward In such a little while !

�� �