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" ]\/r oTHER >" said P rett y Ma y>

1VJL Fresh graduate from school, Looking about the homestead,

Within its wide hall cool, At oaken chair and sideboard,

And .tall clock on the stair, "Please listen, mother dearest:

Would grandma, think you, care

"If those old things were banished

To lumber-rooms away ? Grand things they were in her times,

But look so queer to-day. Look at the old blue china

Displayed on wall and shelf, As tho we had no French ware

To use instead of delf.

��"That spinning-wheel looks horrid,

Old-fashioned as the sun ; Twas very well in old times,

When ev ry lady spun. That spider-legged piano

Is jangled so, you know ; Those candlesticks and fire-dogs

Do mortify me so !"

�� �