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Still answered, " We ll welcome Aunt Abby ;

Won t we, children?" as brave as could be; And Jotham said softly, " God bless her !

I knew very well how twould be."

So she came with an October sunset

(And the stage) to the wide-open door

A meek little form, clad in mourning, A waif from Death s desolate shore.

You never would guess that an angel Could come in a stage, without wings ;

But the household of Jotham will tell you Tis one of life s possible things.

When the fever came stealthily creeping, And touched, save herself, every one,

Did Abby need wings to proclaim her A blessing as bright as the sun ?

Didn t she hold the mother s head drooping?

Didn t she rock the baby to rest ? Didn t she kiss the boys ev ry morning,

And cuddle Kit up on her breast ?

And when the sad season was over, And health came among them to stay,

When the circle at prayers rounded perfect, And Jotham could say, "Let us pray,"

Giving true hearty thanks for all mercies By which the dark hours had been blest,

Ruth whispered "Amen " while he counted As the chiefest and dearest their guest. 28*

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