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Shining still on the handful of clover
 Poor Love, smitten, bleeding, and slain,

Ere she said, " When I'm resting for ever
 You'll plant these out over my bed,
And I'll find the good luck at the rootlets
 I've missed in the world overhead."


"OH, ma, it is dreadful!
I've quarrelled with John,
And left him for ever,
 To live all alone.

" He will not go with me
 To party or ball;
At home in the evening,
 He won't talk at all.

"He is perfectly horrid,
 And stingy, and queer!
I don't want to see him,
 Or know he is near."

"Well, Tillie, I told you
 The same long ago,
When John was beginning
 To act like a beau;