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Fair Butterfly laughed, as a dewdrop she quaffed
 From a cherry-bloom softly unfolding:
 "Good-bye, Busy Bee; don't be worrying me
 With your lectures and wearisome scolding.

 "I fancy He knows that the fair ruddy rose
 For a wheat-ear was never intended;
The jewel that burns, as the humming-bird turns,
 His hand from the rainbow has blended.

 "You work all the day—'tis a honey-bee's way;
 The Lord made you homely and busy;
What use would it be for a creature like me
 To be grumbling, and work myself dizzy?

 "And then, don't you see, you insensible bee,
 How our world, made of fibre and feather,
Would say I was queer, stepping out of my sphere,
 Strong-minded and wrong altogether?

 "I wish you no ill. You work with a will;
 But I ll swing, if I like, on a thistle,
Fan faint little flowers in odorous bowers,
 And wait for the quail's warning whistle.

 "I'll sit in the sun till the summer is done;
 But long ere the cold sobbing weather
I'll pack up my clothes in the heart of a rose,
 And we ll perish like vagrants together."