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James Newton.
Henry M. Niblett.

Newton, James, s. James, of Clerkenwell, Middlesex, gent. Christ Church, matric. 13 Feb., 1732-3, aged 19; B.A. from Corpus Christi Coll. 1736.

Newton, James, s. James, of Withycombe, Somerset, pleb. St. Edmund Hall, matric. 11 Dec., 1762, aged 17; B.A. 1767.

Newton, James Antrobus, s. Robert, of Stockport, Cheshire, arm. Brasenose Coll., matric. 2 Feb., 1777, aged 17; of Cheadle Heath, Cheshire, died in 1823.

Newton, John, s. Benjamin, of co. Gloucester, cler. Magdalen Coll., matric. 25 Sep., 1730, aged 18, clerk 1730-1; M.A. from Christ's Coll., Cambridge, 1738, vicar of Taynton, co. Gloucester. See Bloxam, ii. 93; & Gent.'s Mag., 1790, ii. 1150.

Newton, John Frank, s. William, of St. Christopher's, West Indies, arm. Christ Church, matric. 8 July, 1786, aged 19.


Newton, John Horton, is. John, of Barnet, Middlesex, gent Exeter Coll., matria 19 April, 1883, aged 19 ; B.A. 1885.

Newton. Joseph, s. Joseph, of St Nicholas, Leicester (town), pleb. Lincoln Coll., matric. 17 March, 1721a, aged 17 ; B. A. 1725, M.A. 1738, rector of Little Cheverell, Wilts, and vicar of Coleshill, Berks,

  • 759»

Newton, Newton, is. William Henry Davis, of Sand- ford, Oxon, gent Pembroke Coll., matric. 29 May, 1860, aged 17; scholar 1860-5, B.A. 1863, M.A. 1869, [assumed the surname of Newton in lieu of Davis, curate-in-charge of Princes Ris- borough 1876-80, died 1 Sep. (or March), 1881.

Newton, Newton Dickinson Hand, s. George Watson Hand, of St. Giles's, Cripplegate, London (arch- deacon of Dorset, see page 599). St. Mary Hall, matric. 2 June, 1802, aged 23 ; B.A. 1806, assumed the additional name of Newton, vicar (and patron) of Bredwardine 1829, and rector (and patron) of Brobury, co. Hereford, 1829, until his death 22 Nov., 1853, father of William 2831, and Charles Thomas 1833.

Newton, Peter, s. Peter, of St Werburgh, Chester {city), cler. Brasbnosb Coll., matric. 24 March, x7i5-6> aged x8 ; B.A. 20 Feb., 1719-20, M.A. 1722.

Newton, Philip, s. Philip, of Kilkenny (city). Ireland, arm. Christ Church, matric. a June, 1813, aged 18. See Eton School Lists. [ll]

Newton, Philip Arthur, as. Alfred Vincent, of Chis- wick, Middlesex, arm. Brasenosb Coll., matric. 19 June, 1878, aged z8.

Newton, Philip Jocelyn, is. Walter, of Dublin, arm. Christ Church, matric. 20 Oct, 1836, aged 18 ; of Dunleckney Manor, co. Carlow, high sheriff 184c See Eton School Lists.

Newton, Richard, 3s. Richard, of Ambleside, West- moreland, gent Queen's Coll., matric. 29 Jan., 1834, aged 19 ; scholar 1834-6.

Newton, Robert, s. Robert, of Heaton Norris, Man- chester, Lancashire, gent Brasbnosb Coll., matric. 14 Jan., 1800, aged z6; B.A. 1803, fellow, M. A. 1806, died rector of St Peter's Chapel, Stock- port, 24 Feb., 18x0. See Rugby School Reg..

  • ' risj

Newton, Thomas, fellow of Trinity Coll., Cam- bridge (B.A. 1726, M.A. 1730) ; incorp. 13 Oct,

  • 733t DD - 1745. preb. of Westminster 1757, bishop

of Bristol 1761-82, dean of St. Paul's 1768, until his death 14 Feb., 1782.

Newton, Thomas, s. William, of Manchester, Lanca- shire, gent. Brasbnosb Coll., matric 28 May, 1781, aged 18; B.A. from Christ's Coll., Cam- bridge, 1785, M.A. 1788, rector of St Cuthbert with St Helen on the Walls, York, 1789, and vicar of Holy Trinity Church, Micklegate, 1789, perp. curate Coxwold, cued in July, 1807. See Manchester School Eeg. t i. i8z.

Newton, Thomas, s. Lancelot, of Grasmere, West- moreland, pleb. Queen's Coll., matric 9 July. 1724, aged 18.

Newton, Walter, s. Philip, of Bagnalstown, Carlow, Ireland, arm. Christ Church, matric 2 June, 1813, aged 20 ; of Dunleckney, co. Carlow, died 33 Aug., 1853. See Eton School Lists.

Newton, William, s. William, of Walton, co. Derby. cler. St. John's Coll., matric 22 March, 1730-1. aged 18. fro]

Newton, William, s. William, of Langdon. Devon, arm. Oriel Coll., matric 30 June, 1780, aged 17.

Newton, William, s. James, of Stowey, Somerset, cler. Pembroke Coll., matric 27 March, 1801, aged 17; B.A. 1804. (Memo.: William N., M.P. Ipswich 1818-20, died at Elvedon Hall, Suffolk, 4 Nov., 1862, aged 80). See Eton School Lists.

Newton, William, is. Newton Dickinson, of Wrotham, Kent, cler. Balliol Coll., matric 17 June, 1831, aged 18 ; B.A. 1836, rector of New Radnor.

Newton, William John, o.s. James, of Aberdeen, gent Corpus Christi Coll., matric 20 Oct, 1870, aged 18 ; B.A. 2883, a student of the Inner Temple 1881.

Newton. William Latham, 3s. John Fendall, of Whorlton, Yorks, arm. Magdalen Coll., matric x6 Oct , 1880, aged 18. [as]

Newton, William Robert, is. William Leaper, of Derby, arm. Brasenose Coll., matric 25 May, 1836, aged 19 ; of Birmington Hall, co. Derby, died 7 Nov., 1854.

Newtown-Butler, Bmsley, Baron of, born in St. Anne's, Dubl'n, s. Robert, Earl of Lanesborough. Christ Church, matric 27 Oct, 1801, aged 18; 4th Earl of Lanesborough, died 15 June, 1847. See Foster's Peerage.

Neyooe, Philip, of St John's Coll., Cambridge (? M.A.) ; incorp. 19 Oct, 1718. Neyle, William, s. William, of Ipplepen, Devon, arm. Exeter Coll., matric 8 April, 1742, aged 20; B.A. 1747, rector of West Ogwell, and chaplain of

Naplais Royal, Nova Scotia, died at Great Ambrook 7 Sep. , 1804.

Nias, Joseph Baldwin, 1s. Joseph, of Bath, Somerset, knight. Exeter Coll., matric. 16 Jan., 1875, aged 18; scholar 1876-9, B.A. 1879. B.Med. 1883. See Coll. Reg., 168.

NiDDS, George, s. James Langford, of Bettshanger, Kent, arm. Oriel Coll., matric 18 Oct, 2783, aged 18 ; B. A. 1787, vicar of Cutcombe with Lux- borough, Somerset, 1791, until his death in 1832.

Nibbs, George Langford, o.s. George, of Cutcombe, Somerset, cler. Pembroke Coll. , matric 27 Oct , 1821, aged ac

Nibbs, James Langford, s. James, of Isle of Antigua, gent. St. John's Coll., matric 9 Nov., 1758. aged 19.

Nibbs, James Langford, as. George Langford, of Stowey, Somerset, genL Worcester Coll., matric 9 June, 1852, aged 18.

Niblett, Arthur Edward, is. Edward Henry, of Hares- field, co. Gloucester, cler. Exeter Coll., matric 13 Oct, 1871, aged 19; RA. 1875, of Haresfield aforesaid, a student of the Inner Temple 1873.

Niblett, Edward Henry, as. Daniel John, of Hares- field, co. Gloucester, arm. Exeter Coll., matric 29 April, 1830, aged 19 ; B. A. 1834, rector of Red* marley-d'Abitot, co. Gloucester, 1853, until his death 20 Oct, 1878. [36]

Niblett, Harry Edward, 5s. Charles, of Cheltenham, gent. Trinity Coll., matric 16 Oct., z886, aged 20.

Niblett, Henry Morton, 2s. Edward Henry, of Red- mariey, 00. Worcester, cler. Pembroke Coll., matric 20 Oct , 1873, *&& z 9 '* B. A. 1878, M.A. 1881, rector of Redmarley-d'Abitot, co. Gloucester, .

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