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John S. Parker.
Thomas Parker.

Parker, John Skipwith, 1s. John Thomas, of Newbold, co. Warwick, cler. Christ Church, matric. 19 Oct., 1843, aged 18. See Eton School Lists.

Parker, John Thomas, s. John, of Newbold-on-Avon, co. Warwick, cler. Christ Church, matric. 24 Oct., 1805, aged 18; B.A. 1809, M.A. 1812, rector of Bilton, and vicar of Newbold 1817, until his death 26 Oct., 1852. See Rugby School Reg., 74.

Parker, John Webster, 2s. George, of Ulverstone, Lancashire, gent. Brasenose Coll., matric. 25 Feb., 1843, aged 18; scholar 1843-8, B.A. 1846, M.A. 1849, vicar of St. Alban, Rochdale, 1856, until his death 13 Aug., 1874.

Parker, Joseph, 'bibliopola;' privilegiatus 27 Jan., 1798.

Parker, Joseph Timothy, s. Timothy, of Hornby, Lancashire, gent. Queen's Coll., matric. 5 June, 1818, aged 17; B.A. 1824, M.A. 1827, rector of Wyton, Hunts, until his death 28 May, 1862.


Parker, Lewis James, 5s. James, of Newcastle-on- Tyne, gent St. Alban Hall, matric. 18 Oct, Parker, Marcus Aurelius, s. John, of York (dty), cler. University Coll., matric, 9 Mav, 1799, aged ao; migrated to St. John's Coll., Cambridge, 1802, B.A. 1804, curate of Louth 1805-14, and of War- borough, Wilts, 1814, until his death 23 May, 183a See Manchester School Reg., ii. 206. Parker, Montagu Edmund, s. John, of Sal tram, Devon, arm. Pembroke Coll., matric. 28 Sep., 1757, aged 19; of Whiteway, Devon, died Jan., 1813, father of the next named. Parker. Montagu Edmund, s. Montagu Edmund, of Chudleigh, Devon, arm. Christ Church, matric. 22 April, 1796, aged 18 ; of Whiteway, Devon, died March, 1830, father of the next named. Parker, Montagu Edmund Newcomb, is. Montagu Edmund, of Exeter (city), arm. Oriel Coll., matric. 8 Dec., 1824, aged 17; B.A. 1830, M.A. 1832, of Whiteway, Devon, M.P. South Devon 2835-41, died z July, 1858. See Foster's Peerage & Eton School Lists. [IO] Parker, Pelley, s. Robert, of Hawton, Notts, cler. Christ Church, matric. 22 Oct, 1807, aged 17; B.A. 1811, M.A. 1823, rector of West Hall am, co. Derby, 1828-49, of Hawton, Notts, 1849, until his death 18 Nov., 1865, father of Cadowgan 1843. Parker, Peregrine, s. John, of York (city), cler. Worcester Coll., matric. 18 May, i8oz, aged 18. Parker, Reginald, is. Henry, of Hull, Yorks, arm. University Coll., matric. 20 March, 1854, aged 18; scholar 1854-62, B.A. 1859, bar.-at-law. Lin- coln's Inn, 1861. See Foster's Men at the Bar & Rugby School Reg.. 299. Parker, Richard, s. Thomas, of Womborn, co. Staf- ford, genL Pembroke Coll., matric. 18 March, 17x6-7, aged 17 ; B.A. 1720, M.A. 1723. Parker, Richard, s. Samuel, of St Peter's, Oxford (city), gent. Lincoln Coll., matric. xx Oct, 1723, aged 13, scholar; a grandson of Samuel Parker, bishop of Oxford, and brother of Samuel 173a See Bloxam, ii. 9a [is] Parker, Richard, s. John, of Lechlade, co. Glouces- ter, gent Trinity Coll.. matric 9 Nov., 1756, aged 14 ; B.A. 1760, M.A. X763. Parker, Richard, is. John, of Oxford (dty), gent Queen's Coll., matric. 30 June, 1854, aged 19; B.A. 1858, M.A. 1861, rector of Wykeham, Hants, 1863. Parker, Richard, 3s. George Lloyd, of High Wycombe, Bucks, gent. Worcester Coll., matric. 9 Nov., X854, aged 19. ' Parker, Richard Thomas, 2s. John, of Leintwardine, Hereford, cler. St. Mary Hall, matric. x6 Oct, 1866, aged 17; B.A. 1869, held various curacies 1871-80, rector of Mundford, Norfolk, 1881-4. Parker. Richard William England, is. Richard, of Shidneld, Hants, cler. Christ Church, matric 13 Oct., x88a, aged 19 ; exhibitioner 1882-6, B.A. x886. [20l Parker, Robert, s. William, of Salford, co. Warwick, genL Balliol Coll., matric. 31 May, 1721, aged 17; brother of William 1721. See also Henry, 1810. Parker, Robert Gabbett, as. Standish Grady, of Limerick (city), Ireland, cler. Wadham Coll,, matric. 14 Oct., 1864, aged 18; B.A. 1869, M.A. 1873, of Bally valley, co. Clare, J. P., brother of Anthony 1863. Parker, Robert John Crompton, as. fcobert John, of York, gent. Wadham Coll., matric. xx Oct., 1884, aged 23 ; B.A. 1888. Parker, Robert Townley, s. Thomas Townley, of Leyland, Lancashire, arm. Christ Church, matric. 17 Oct, x8ix, aged x8; of Cuerden Hall, Lancashire, high sheriff 18x7, M.P. Preston 1837- 41, 1852-7, constable of Lancaster Castle 1874, died xx Aug., 1879. See Foster's Lancashire Collection & Eton School Lists. Parker, Samuel, s. Samuel, of Holywell, Oxford (cityh gent* Magdalen Coll., matric. 14 May, X730, aged 26 ; clerk 1728-67, yeoman bedel of the University 1731. See Coll. Reg. , ii. 90. [as] Parker, Samuel, s. William, of Atherston, co. War- wick, gent St. John's Coll., matric x July,

  • 773t aged 17; B.A. 1777, M.A. 1781, B.D. 1786,

rector of Winterbourne, co. Gloucester, and perp. curate Barford St. Michael's, Oxon, 1789, until his death 8 Sep., 1826. Parker, Samuel Hay, o.s. Samuel Hay, of The Hague, Holland, arm. Pembroke Coll., matric 2 May, 1823, aged xp ; RA. 1827, chaplain to the corpora- tion of Stratford-on-Avon, and curate of Bishopton, died 24 Dec, 1845. Parker, Samuel Perrott, s. Richard, of Lechlade, co. Gloucester, cler. Trinity Coll., matric 29 Jan., 1784, aged 16 ; RA. from Oriel Coll. 1787, fellow Merton Coll. until x8io, M.A. 1790, proctor 1799, died vicar of Kingerby, co. Lincoln, 1810. See Robinson, 147. Parker, Thomas, Viscount, & (George), Earl of Mac- clesfield. Hart Hall, matric xo May, 1740, aged 16 ; created M.A. 23 June, 1743. and D.C.L. 7 July,

  • 773. 3"* earl, M. P. Newcastle-under-Lyne 1747-54,

Oxfordshire 1754-61, Rochester 1761-4, died 9 Feb., X795. See Foster's Peerage. Parker, Thomas, s. John, of Gloucester (city), pleh. Pembroke Coll., matric ax March, 1743, aged 17 ; B.A. 1747, M.A. 1755, rector of Taynton, co. Gloucester, and of Welsh Bicknor, co. Monmouth, at his death in 1800, father of Thomas 1771. TsoJ Parker, Thomas, ' bookbinder ;' privilegiatus 9 July, '745- Parker, Thomas, ' janitor of Merton College ;' privile- giatus 14 July, 1761. Parker, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Gloucester (dty), cler. Pembroke Coll., matric. 6 Nov., 1771, aged 18 ; B.A. 1775, M.A. 1778, vicar of Churcham with Bulling (Chapel), co. Gloucester, 1785, rector of Sunburie 1786. Parker, Thomas, s. John, of Astle, Cheshire, cler. Christ Church, matric. 5 May, 1784, aged 18 ; B. A. 1789, perp. curate Rainow 1796, and of Salters- ford, Cheshire, 18x5, until his death in 1835. Parker. Thomas, s. Thomas, of SL Bartholomew, London, gent. Queen's Coll., matric 26 April, , aged 18 ; B.A. 1807. See St Paul's School Reg. t 211. [SS] Parker. Thomas (5th Earl of Macclesfield), created D.C.L. xx June, 1834, died 31 March, 185a See Foster's Peerage. Parker, Thomas, is. Thomas, of Sunderland, co. Durham, gent. Brasenose Coll., matric 23 Oct, , aged 18. [ 1068 3 Digitized by Google

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