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John F. H. Rawlins.
Philip H. Rawson.

Rawlins, John Fawsitt Herbert, s. John, of Bristol, co. Gloucester, gent. Queen's Coll., matric. 24 Oct., 1789, aged 17; created M.A. 4 July, 1793, bar.-at-law, Inner Temple, 1798.

Rawlins, Michael, s. Michael, of Abingdon, Berks, pleb. Pembroke Coll., matric. 4 Nov., 1741, aged 19; B.A. 1745.

Rawlins, Richard, 'pharmacopoia;' privilegiatus 12 June, 1773.

Rawlins, Richard, 3s. Samuel, of Cleobury Mortimer, Salop, gent. Magdalen Hall, matric. 26 Jan., 1822, aged 18; B.A. 1826, M.A. 1833, died curate of St Anne's, Limehouse, 8 Sep., 1849.

Rawlins, Richard Randall, s. William, of St. Cross, Hants, cler. St. John's Coll., matric. 29 Nov., 1804, aged 18; perp. curate Kneeton, Notts, 1836-67, died 24 Oct., 1874.


Rawlins, Stedman, s. Stedman, of St Christopher's, West Indies, arm. Christ Church, matric aa OcL, z8oz, aged 17. Rawlins, Thomas, s. Richard, of Chat wall, Salop, gent Christ Church, matric. la Dec, 1794, aged ax.

Rawlins, Thomas Fraser Pve, is. Thomas Samuel Fraser, of Denchwortb, Berks, cler. Keble Coll. , matric 14 OcL, 1884, aged 19 ; B.A. 1887.

Rawlins, Thomas Samuel Fraser, as. Richard, of Birmingham, 00. Warwick, cler. Lincoln Coll. , matric 14 Dec, 1847, aged 18 ; scholar Worcester Coll. 1848-53, BA. 185a, fellow 1853-63, M.A. 1854, vicar of Denchwortb, Berks, 1858-68, rector of Clifton-Campville, co. Stafford, 1868. See St. Paul s School Reg. , 301.

Rawlins, William, s. Thomas, of Stokegursey, Somer- set, gem. Hart Hall, matric 14 April, 1739, aged 20. rioj

Rawlins, William, s. Anthony, of Fairford, co. Glou- cester, gent Wadham Coll., matric 31 May, 1775. aged 21 ; B.A. from St. Mary Hall 1779, M.A. 178a, rector of Teversal, Notts, 1793, until his death z Jan., 1828.

Rawllnson, Abram Tyrack, s. Henry, of Liverpool, Lancashire, arm. Christ Church, matric 18 April, 1795, aged 17 ; died at Chadlington, Oxon, 1 Sep., 1849. See roster's Lancashire Collection & Rugby School Reg. t 67.

Rawluison, Edward Creswicke Scott, as. George, of Oxford, cler. Keble Coll., matric 15 Oct., 1877, aged z8 ; drowned in river Cherwell ax Jan., 1880.

Rawlinson, George, 3s. Abram, of Chadlington, Oxon, arm. Trinity Coll., matric. 7 Nov., 1834, fed ax, BA. 1838 ; fellow Exeter Coll. 1840-6, .A. 1841, tutor 1841, sub-rector aDd divinity reader 1844, Bampton lecturer 1859, Camden pro- fessor of ancient history 1861, canon of Canterbury 1873, rector of All Hallows, Lombard Street, 1888, lather of George Ernest 1867; for list of his works see Crockford. See also Foster's Lancashire Collec- tion ft Boose, 13a,

Rawlinson, George, 5s. John, of St George's, Bloomsbury, London, arm. St. John's Coll,, matric ax March, 1839, aged 18 ; B.A. 184a, M.A. 1846, perp. curate Bothamstall, Notts, 1848, until his death 36 OcL, 1850. [is]

Rawlinson, George finest, is. George, of Oxford, cler. Balliol Coll., matric 4 May, 1867, aged z8 ; BA. 1880. Rawlinson, Major-General Sir Henry Creswicke, k.cb., created D.C.L. xa Tune, 1850 (son of Abram Tyzack Rawlinson, of Chadlington, Oxon), served in Indian army 1837-56, political agent at Candahar 1840-2, in Turkish Arabia 1843-55, consul at Bagdad 1844-51, consul-general 1851-6, envoy and minister plenipotentiary to Persia 1859-60. with rank of major* general, M.P. Reigate 1858, Frome 1865-9, president Royal Geographical Society 1871-5, a trustee British Museum 1878, member Indian Council 1858-9 and X868, F.R.S., K.C.B 4 Feb., X856. See Foster's Lancashire Collection, SB

Rawlinson, Henry, 4s. John, of ' pre c i nc ts of Wl Chester Cathedral,' arm. St. John's Co ll , , unari 37 March, 1833, aged 18; B.A. 1836. M.A. x£| curate of Symondsbtiry, Dorset, 1839-63. rrcu X863, until his death xo June, x88x, father ef " next named.

Rawlinson, Henry John, is. Henry, of A3iagU4 Dorset, cler. Okiel Coll.. matric. xo May. r£5| aged 18 ; B.A. 1863, M.A. x866, vicar of Inngnoi, Herts, since 1874. Rawlinson, John Baldwin, is. Robert, ofWhtehavel Cumberland, arm. Brasenosb Coll., matric J Oct, 1885, aged 18 ; B.A. 1888. [i Rawlinson, Lionel Seymour. 3s. George, of OxfcrJ cler. NON-COLL,, matric. a8 Jan., xSSa, sj"" 17.

Rawlinson. William Chapman, 2s. Abraham, _ Leyton, Essex, gent Magdalen Hall, matnal aa Oct., 1835. aged 18; KA. 1839. M.A. 1^3. | rector of Chedburgh, Suffolk, 1853, until bis dears , a$ Sep., 1864. See Foster's L anc ashire Cs&c turn. 1 Rawnsley. Arthur Eden, 5s. Drummond, of Sb i phke, Oxon, cler. Hertford Coll.. matric 19 Apru 1879, aged xo.

Rawnsley, Edward, is. Thomas Hardwicke, of Halton, co. Lincoln, cler. Brasenose Coll. matric. 5 Feb.. 1835. *&& 18; R A. 1838. M.A 184a, of Raithby Hall, co. Lincoln, J. P.. vicar of Hundleby, co Lincoln, 1849-60. See Bttm <&-**•' Lists.

Rawnsley, Edward Preston, as. Edward, of Raithby. co. Lincoln, cler. Brasenosb Coll., matric 9 June, 1870, aged 18 ; B.A. 1873, a student of the Inner Temple 1875. See Eton School Lists. [ZS. Rawnsley, Hardwicke Drummond, as. Robert Drao- mond Burrell, of Shiplake, Oxon, der. Balliol Coll., matric. 34 Oct, 1870, aged 19; R A. 1875 M.A. 1883, vicar of Crosthwaite, Cumberlaac. 1883.

Rawnsley. Robert Drummond Burrell, as. Thomas Hardwick, of SpHsby, co. Lincoln, cler. Brase- nosb Coll., matric. 4 Feb., 1836, aged 18; demy Magdalen Coll. 1839-40, B.A. 1840, fellow 1840-2, M.A. 1843, preb. of Lincoln 1877, vicar of ShtpUkr, Oxon, 1849-61, rector of Halton Holgate, 00. Lin- coln, x86x, until his death 31 Aug., 188a. See Bloxam, vii. 346 ; & Rugby School Reg., 165.

Rawnsley, Thomas Hardwicke, s. Thomas, of Bourn, co. Lincoln, gent Exeter Coll., matric 23 April, 1807, aged 17 ; scholar 1807, RA. 181 1. M.A. 1814, rector 'of Falkingham, co. Lincoln, 18x4, and of Halton Holgate 1835, until his death a July, 1861. See Coll. Reg. , 150 : & Eton School Lists.

Rawnsley, Walter Hugh, 4s. Robert Drummond Borrell, of (Shiplake, Oxon, cler. Meston Coll., matric. 14 Oct., 1876. aged 19 ; postmaster 1876-81. B. A. 1880. Sot Eton School Lists. [a»j

Rawnsley, Willingham Franklin, 1s. Robert Drummond Burrell, of little Hadham, Herts, cler. Christ Church, matric. 18 Oct., 1864. aged 19; B A. from Corpus Christi Coll. 1869, M.A. 1871.

Rawson, Edward Creswell. 6s. Samuel, of Parstoe, Essex, gent Balliol Coll., matric 19 Oct* 1878, and 19 ; of the Indian Civil Service 1878. Rawson, Henry Gilbert, is. Rawson, of Port Louis, Mauritius, arm. Christ Church, matric 8 Jane, 1870, aged 19; a Junior student 1870. RA. 2874, bar. -at- tow, Inner Temple, 1877. See Foster's Men at the Bar. Rawson, Jeremiah, s. Benjamin, of Bolton, Lancashire, arm. Balliol Coll., matric xo Oct, 1810. aged 19 ; a student of Lincoln's Inn 18x5. of the Nidd Hall family. See Foster's Yorkshire Collection. Rawson, Philip Heathcote, as. Philip, of Aigburta. Lancashire, arm. University Coll., matric. 13 Oct, 1883, aged 19 ; B.A. 1886, a student of the Inner Temple 1884. See Eton School Lists. [ "79 ] Digitized by Google

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