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John F. Lord.
Richard Lovatt.

Lord, Rev. John Frederick, 1s. John Pickup, of Cheltenham, arm. Christ Church, matric. 24 Jan., 1879, aged 18; student of music 1879, B.A. & M.A. 1887. See Eton School Lists.

Lord, John Goodsir, 1s. Richard, of Crewe, Cheshire, D.Med. Keble Coll., matric. 22 Oct., 1885, aged 16.

Lord, John Pickup, 1s. John, of Wigan, Lancashire, arm. Brasenose Coll., matric. 10 June, 1840, aged 19; an officer 5th Lancashire militia, father of John Fredk.

Lord, Laurence, s. Laurence, of Cotsford, Oxon, arm. Trinity Coll., matric. 13 March, 1721-2, aged 17, brother of John 1732, and of the next named.

Lord, Robert, s. Laurence, of Cotsford, Oxon, arm. Exeter Coll., matric. 9 Feb., 1726-7, aged 16; B.A. 21 Jan., 1730-1, sometime minister of a society of Protestant Dissenters at Knutsford, in Cheshire, died at Lenton, near Nottingham, 15 Dec, 1801. See Gent's Mag., 1801, ii. 1157.


Lord, Samuel Curlewis, s. Walter, of Tooting, Surrey, arm. Wadham Coll., matric. z Dec., 1812, aged 19; B.A. 1816, M.A. 1820, B.D. 1827, D.D. 1830, vicar of West Barsham, Norfolk, 1818, rector of Farmborough, near Bath, 1853, until his death 21 March, Z867.

Lord, Septimus, 6s. Henry, of Northiam, Sussex, doctor. Magdalen Hall, matric. 30 Oct, z834, aged 18.

Lord, William, s. John, of Drayton Parslow, Bucks, cler. Brasenose Coll., matric. z Dec., Z76a, aged 19 ; demy Magdalen Coll. 1764-74, B.A. 1766, M.A. 1769, fellow 1 774-1804, B.D. 1778, D.D. 1782, bursar, vice-president 1789, dean of divinity 1790, rector of Drayton Parslow, Bucks, and of Bcaconsfield 1803, until his death z Nov., 1817. See Bloxam, vi. 34Z.

Lord, William All wood, s. William, of Wingfield, co. Derby, gent Queen's Coll., matric. Z7 Dec., Z796, aged 17 ; B.A. 180a Loiimer, Charles, 3s. James, of Toorak, near Mel- bourne, arm. Exeter Coll., matric. Z9 Oct., 1882, aged 20 ; B. A. Z887, a student of the Inner Temple 1884. [lO] Lorlmer, Tames, as. James, of Victoria, Australia, gent. Non-Coll., matric. 14 Oct, Z882, aged 22. LoxiXlg, Arthur Mapletoft, is. Hector, of Isle of Malta, arm. Brasenose Coll., matric. 28 May, 1863, aged 20 ; B.A. 1866, M.A. 1870, vicar of Barnstaple (Holy Trinity) 1872, until his death 6 Sep., Z874. Lorlng, Henry Lloyd, s. Joshua, of Englefield, Berks, gent. Magdalen Coll., matric. 27 July, Z802, aged 18 ; demy 1802-7, B.A. 1806, fellow 1807-16, M.A. 1809, D.D. (by decree) 17 June, 1818, arch- deacon of Calcutta 1814, died 4 Sep., 1822. See Coll, Reg., vii. 149. Lorlng, Henry Nele, zs. John Went worth, of Fare- ham, Hants, arm. Exeter Coll. , matric 20 May, 1829, aged 17; B.A. 1833, M.A. 1837, held various curacies 1835-59, vicar of Boarhunt with Southwick, Hants, Z860-75. Lort, Michael, fellow of Trinity Coll., Cambridge, until Z780 (B.A. Z746, M.A. Z7S0, B.D. Z76Z, D.D. Z780) ; incorp. 7 July, Z759, regius professor of Greek Z759-71, preb. of Sl_ Paul's Z780, F.R.S., Lo Coll., matric. 16 April, 1858, aged 18 ; B.A. z86i, held various curacies 1863-75, vicar of Bagshot since Lorr, Jacob Withers Gordon, zs. William, of St. Reverne, Cornwall, genL Exeter Coll., matric

May, z844, fl ged zo. 

LOBOOmbe, Clifton Wintrinjjriam, s. Benjamin, of Bristol (city), arm. Oriel Coll., matric. z8 Nov., . aged Z9. Losh, William, s. William, of St Mary's, Carlisle, Cumberland, pleb. Queen's Coll., matric zr OcL, Z725, aged z6; EA. Z7ja L'Oste, Charles, s. Charles, of Lowth, co. Lincoln, cler. Hertford Coll., matric Z7 Dec, Z740. aged Z9 ; B.A. Z744, M.A. Z747. [ao] Loton, John, zs. Nathan, of Uttoxeter, co. Stafford, gent Non-Coll., matric z6 Jan., Z875, aged 29 ; B.A. from St. John's Coll. Z879. Loton, John L~wis, s. John, of Lewisham, Kent. gent. Hertford Coll., matric zo July, Z742, aged 18. Lott, Frederick Barnes, zs. Frederick Edwin, of Lea- field, Oxon, cler. Christ Church, matric 23 May, 1872, aged 18 ; a junior student 1872-9, B.A. Z876, M.A. z88o. Lott, Frederick Edwin, 3s. Henry, of Tracey House, Devon, arm. Balliol Coll., matric 30 March, 1833, aged 20 ; B.A. from St. Alban Hall, 184 i, M.A. 1844, a student of Inner Temple z83S, pcrp. curate Leafield and Ascott, Oxon, 1840, vicar of Bampton Lew, Oxon, 1857, until his death za Feb., i860. Lott, Harry Buckland, zs. Harry, of Tracey Awlescomb, Devon, arm. Balliol Coll. , matric z Dec , z825„ aged 18 ; B.A. 1829, a student of Inner Temple Z820. [as) I Lott, John Browning, zs. Charles, of Faversham. Kent, fenL New Coll., matric Z9 Oct., Z874, aged 21 ; LMus. 26 Oct., Z876. Lott, Rev. Reginald Charles, 3s. Frederick Edwin, of j Seafield, Oxon, cler. Corpus Christi Coll., matric Z7OCL, Z876, aged 19; exhibitioner Z876-80, B.A. z88o, M.A. Z884. Lott, William Buckland, 4s. Harry Baines, of Awles- combe, Devon, arm. Balliol Coll., matric z6 May, 1839, aged 19 ; B.A. 1843, M.A. 1850. rector of Wymondham, cc Leicester, 1861-3, and of Bar- ton Mills, Suffolk, since Z863. Lough, Rev. Edward Inglis, zs. John Francis Burnaby Lumley, of St. George's, Isle of Bermuda, cler. Trinity Coll., matric z6 Oct, z88o, aged Z9; RA. Z884. M.A. Z887. Loujffh, John, s. John, of Milton, Kent, cler. Queen's Coll., matric. 25 April, Z809, aged z8; B.A. 18x3 (? garrison-chaplain Bermuda, died in 1839). [30J LougTiborough, Arthur, zs. Thomas, of Lambeth, Surrey, arm. St. John's Coll., matric x July, z86z, aged 18 ; scholar 186 1-4, B.A. 1864, bar.-at- law, Lincoln's Inn, 1867. See Foster's Men at the Bar & Robinson, 324. Loughnan, Alfred Stack, .6s. Timothy, of Walcot, Bath, cler. Pembroke' Coll. , matric. z Feb. . Z877, aged Z9 ; scholar Z877-80, B.A. z88o. Louis t Ferdinand, ' Linguae Gallicae Prasceptor ;' privi- legiatus 29 July, Z765. Lousada, Austin Percy, zs. Percy, of Clifton, co. Glou- cester, cler. Oriel Coll.. matric 7 Feb., 1870, aged zo; B.A. 1873, bar.-at-law, Inner Tem^.e. Z879. See Foster's Men at the Bar. Lousada. Francis Baruh, as. Isaac Baruh, of Stam- ford. Middlesex, arm. Exeter COLL., matric zz April, Z832, aged z8. [35} Lousada, Isaac Baruh, zs. (Isaac) Baruh, of St. Georges, Bloomsbury, Middlesex, arm. Queen's Coll., matric 9 June, Z83Z, aged 22. Lousada, Rev. Percy Martindale, o.s> David, of St George's, Bloomsbury, Middlesex, arm. Merto.v Coll., matric 12 June, 1841, aged 18 ; a student of Inner Temple Z844, died 7 Sep., Z859, aged 36. Lovat, John, s. Thomas, of Newcastle, co. Stafford, pleb. Balliol Coll., matric 26 March, Z743.. aged z8 ; B.A. Z746. Lovatt, Dale, s. Joseph, of Penkhull, co. Stafford, gent. Magdalen Hall, matric 4 Nov., Z738, aged Z7 ; B.A. Z742. Lovatt, Richard, s. Joseph, of Stoke, co. Stafford, gent Magdalen Hall, matric 20 March, Z724-5, aged 17. [ftO] [873] Digitized by Google

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