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hospitality, a true sportsmanlike spirit possessing the hosts in every city visited. Moreover, at all points the game received fresh impetus, new clubs were organized, and word canie from all over the State that Base Ball matches were being scheduled as never before.

Encouraged by the success of their trip through Western New York, the Excelsiors turned toward the South, and later, in July, 1860, took a trip in that direction, crossing the States of Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland. The first contest was with a picked nine from all the clubs of Baltimore. It came off July 22d, and was a repetition of the story of former experiences, the score being 51 to 6 in favor of the Excelsiors. True Southern hospitality marked the treatment of the Excelsiors at Baltimore. The day closed with a fine banquet at Guy's Hotel.

Returning, the Excelsiors stopped at Philadelphia, where, on July 24th, they played a nine composed of all the best players of the Quaker City, including the Olympics, the Athletics, the Winonas, the Equities, the United Base Ball Club and the Benedicts. The game was played on the old Camaco Woods Cricket Grounds and attracted a large attendance. The Excelsiors won by 15 to 4. Like the New York tour, this trip had a tremendous influence in promoting interest in the game in a new quarter. Upon their return, the Excelsiors found awaiting them an invitation from Boston, which they were compelled, reluctantly, to decline until a later date.

On July 20th, 1860, while resting on laurels won on their trip through New York—and before their South-