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the new Association, Mr. J. W. Kerns, of Troy, President of the Haymakers, was elected President of the National Association of Professional Base Ball Players.

Of the ten professional clubs entering the National Championship contest of 1871 only eight finished the season. The champion Red Stockings, of Cincinnati, had disbanded. The Kekiongas, of Fort Wayne, played no official game after July. The Eckfords, of Brooklyn, which did not enter the race until August, lost representation in the pennant contest on account of tardiness. The race closed with the clubs in the following order: Athletics, of Philadelphia; Bostons, of Boston; White Stockings, of Chicago; Haymakers, of Troy; Mutuals, of New York; Forest Citys, of Cleveland; Nationals, of Washington, and Forest Citys, of Rockford.

As showing the players who were prominent in the game at that time, and who were the first recognized professional players of Base Ball, the following list of contestants should be of interest:

Athletics, of Philadelphia—Malone, catcher; McBrido, pitcher; Fisler, first base; Reach, second base; Meyerle, third base; Radcliffe, shortstop; Cuthbert, left field; Sensenderfer, center field; Heubell, right field.

Bostons, of Boston—McVey, catcher; Spalding, pitcher; Gould, first base; Barnes, second base; Shaffer, third base; G. Wright, shortstop; Cone, left field; H. Wright, center field; Birdsall, right field; Jackson, substitute.

Eckfords, of Brooklyn—Hicks, catcher; Martin, pitcher; Allison, first base; Swandell, second base; Nel-