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Irish" team, at Dublin, the ball players won by 168 to 78.

The American ball players who accompanied me to Great Britain upon the occasion of this first visit of such an organization to foreign shores constituted two teams that had demonstrated their superiority in many hardfought contests. They were the players of the Boston Champions and the Philadelphia Athletics, with the following line-ups for each team:

Bostons. Athletics
A. G. Spalding Pitcher J. D. McBride
C. McVey Catcher J. E. Clapp
J. O'Rourke and Kent First Base W. D. Fisler
Ross C. Barnes Second Base J. Battin
H. Shaffer Third Base E. B. Sutton
George Wright Shortstop M. H. McGeary
A. J. Leonard Left Field A. W. Gedney
Harry Wright Center Field J. F. McMullen
G. W. Hall Right Field A. C. Anson

Thos. J. Beals, J. B. Sensenderfer, S. Wright, Jr., and Tim Murnane accompanied the teams as utility men. Mr. Chas. H. Porter, President of the Boston Club, and Mr. Ferguson, President of the Athletics, had general charge of the trip. About eighty American tourists accompanied the two clubs on this memorable tour.

The teams as above listed played in fourteen exhibitions of the American National Game of Base Ball in England and Ireland; two at Liverpool, two at Manchester, seven at London, one at Sheffield and two at Dublin. Of these the Bostons won eight and the Athletics six.