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as party of the second part. The provisions were quite similar to those of the abrogated Agreement originally drafted by Mr. A. G. Mills, under which the National League had so long flourished, except that they also included a most important new feature, in a National Commission, to be composed of President of the National League, President of the American League, and a third member, to be chosen by the two above-mentioned officials.

The National Commission was to have power to inflict and enforce fines or suspensions or both upon either party to the agreement who are adjudged by it to have violated the terms of the agreement. It was provided that whenever the National League and the American League shall claim the services of the same player the right to the player in controversy shall be established by the Chairman of the Commission, who alone shall determine and declare the decision. It was provided that in case of controversy between a National League Club and a Minor League Club over the same player the case shall be adjudicated by the President of the Commission and the representative of the American League. In case of contention between an American League Club and a Minor League Club the question is to be settled by the President of the Commission and the National League representative. It was further provided, that in case the Chairman of the Commission and the representative of a League working with him in the adjudication of any case cannot agree, then the decision of the Chairman shall be final.

The first officials of the National Commission were H. C. Pulliam, President of the National League; B. B. John-