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Speaking of Base Ball in Natal, the Natal Witness, of Pietermaritzburg, Natal, says:

"The presence of a number of Strathcona's Horse in the city induced the Canadians in our midst to seize the opportunity of indulging in the American national game—the first played in the city. Accordingly teams were selected from the regiment and Canadian residents, and they met on the Polo Ground on Saturday to try conclusions. The result was eminently successful to all concerned, an excellent afternoon's sport being witnessed, and it is quite on the cards that future matches will be played. There were a number of spectators, who had not previously seen the game, but who became interested in it, and admired the dexterity of the players. The match throughout was well contested, the civilians coming off victorious by 13 runs to 9. Lieut. Stevenson captained the losers, and displayed considerable ability in the pitcher's box, while on the civilian side Hargraves and Ward creditably shared the same position, and the batting of Ferguson, Hargraves and Myles was a feature.

"Mr. Hugh V. Ferguson, formerly of the Globe, but now of the Times, of Natal, who was one of the civilian team, writes: 'If we have but the opportunity to play a few more games I fancy Base Ball will catch on here in Natal.'"