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Oh, they'll give us old time Base Ball, with the old time sort of
When the team from Podunk Centre comes to play in Baltimore.

The Orioles will hustle for the annual championship
Of the Turnpike League; they'll try to beat the team from Hutner's
And the nine from Perkin's Crossing must play ball its very best,
While the Punkintown star pitcher's curves will be knocked "galley
The club from Sleepy Hollow will agree that Jerry Nops
Has a way of giving pitchers' fancy inshoots knockout drops.
"Oh, kill him! Kill the umpire!" will the bleachers loudly roar
If the team from Podunk Centre tries to win from Baltimore.

Our "Mugs" McGraw will do his best to play Base Ball and win,
And he'll wear some zephyr coaxers on his broad, determined chin;
And "Robby," too, will say "B'gosh" and chew a wisp of hay
To conceal his strong emotion when a liner gets away.
The Turnpike League will have a pennant made of green goods
And each team will play to win it with all their strength and might,
So we'll see the game played this year as it was in years before
When the team from Podunk Centre comes to play in Baltimore.