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of Base Ball Players, in 1890, and the elimination of "Freedmanism," in 1902, we may accept the reorganization of the New York National League Base Ball Club as the beginning of the professional rehabilitation of the national sport.

Following closely upon that was the settlement of all disputes between Base Ball organizations and the signing of a new National Agreement, which provided for the sanest court of executive administration in the history of the sport—the National Commission—all of which tended to place Base Ball on a basis which commanded the admiration of the patrons and gave permanent assurance to promoters of the stability of their occupation.

As the seasons followed in natural sequence, that of 1910, through the cumulative effect of all the good which had been accomplished, surpassed all others in the broader interest which was taken in the pastime, the superiority of attractions from the purely professional standpoint, and the wider-reaching and firmer hold which Base Ball had attained upon the masses by reason of competent and able management at its fountain-head—that being carefully adjusted and well balanced organization with a fair deal for all.

The major leagues succeeded so handsomely throughout the year that at the finish of the season all of their clubs, with perhaps two exceptions, had balances to their credit ranging from small amounts to handsome sums. The exceptions, if they were losers, lost so little that they were not distressed financially, and in view of embarrassments under which they had been compelled to labor,