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Daniel Garrison Brinton, A.M., M.D., LL.D., Sc.D., an Editor of the American Anthropologist, Professor of American Linguistics and Archeology in the University of Pennsylvania, Professor of Ethnology and Archeology in the Academy of Natural Sciences at Philadelphia, Associate Editor of Science, and Founder of the Library of Aboriginal American Literature, died at Atlantic City July 31, aged sixty-two years.

Dr Brinton was an active and versatile student of anthropology in all its aspects. His contributions to the science were many and important; his publications form a conspicuous part of the literature of American anthropology, while his editorial and professorial work and his labors in the lecture field and in scientific organizations aided materially in promoting and diffusing anthropology. His death is a serious loss to science.

A frequent contributor to the American Anthropologist in its earlier form, Dr Brinton was one of the foremost among the projectors and supporters of the journal in the new form and more extended scope; and the loss occasioned by his death will be particularly felt by the editorial staff and readers of this journal.

A more extended memorial, with a resume of Dr Brinton’s work, is reserved for another number.