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ISLETA [29:iOl]

Tewa Tsiqwevege, kick flint place (tsi'i, flint; qweve, to kick along; ge, loc.), evidently means where they played the kicking-race (the game called gome in Span.) using a piece of obsidian. The native Isleta name, Siahwibak is doubtless cognate.

JACONA [21:6]

This settlement is a mile west of Poquaque and its name is a corruption of the old Tewa name of the locality : Sako n nse n , tobacco bank place (sa, tobacco; ko n , barranco; nae n , loc.). Jacona is also a sign-board station on the Denver and Rio Grande railway between Santa Fe and Buckman, miles to the south of the real Jacona.

JEMEZ [27:35]

The Tewa have a special name for Jemez, namely Wa n ^ge, Jemez Indian place (Wa n r/, Jemez Indian, unexplained; ge, loc.). The Jemez Indians' own name for the pueblo is He n wa, He n kwa or He n yo, according as various locative postfixes are used, this being derived from the term for Jemez person: He n , pi. He n mis. It is from the pi. form, meaning Jemez people, that Span. Jemez, Ker. Haemis'i, etc., are derived. It is possible that Jemez He n , Jemez Indian, is cognate with Tewa Wa n ?7, of same meaning.

JEMEZ MOUNTAINS [Large Features :8]

The rather inappropriately named Jemez mountains, the range that bounds the Tewa country on the west, are referred to in Tewa merely as Tsa n mpiye'i' i p'i n i7, the western mountains (tsa n mpiye west; 'i' 1 , gender postfix; p'i n ?7, mountain).


Tewa T'u n mp'i n r7, basket mountain (t'u 11 ??, basket; p'i n Tj, moun- tain). The peak is thought to resemble an inverted basket; hence both Span, and Tewa name.

LA CUEVA [6:28]

La Cueva, on Ojo Caliente creek above Ojo Caliente, has a Tewa name, Ma n hu n wiri, owl point (ma n hu n , owl; wiri, point), which presupposes or is derived from Ma n hu n se n nn2e n [6:6], owl's

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