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American Archives CONSISTING OF A COLLECTION OF AUTHENTICK RECORDS, STATE PAPERS, DEBATES, AND LETTERS AND OTHER NOTICES OF PUBLICK AFFAIRS, THE WHOLE FORMING A DOCUMENTARY HISTORY OF THE ORIGIN AND PROGRESS OF THE NORTH AMERICAN COLONIES; OF THE CAUSES AND ACCOMPLISHMENT OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION; AND OF THE CONSTITUTION OF GOVERNMENT FOR THE UNITED STATES, TO THE FINAL RATIFICATION THEREOF. IN SIX SERIES. FIRST SERIES. From the Discovery and Settlement of the North American Colonies, to the Revolution in England, in 1688. SECOND SERIES. From the Revolution in England, in 1688, to the Cession of Canada to Great Britain, by the Treaty at Paris, in 1763. THIRD SERIES. From the Cession of Canada, in 1763, to the King's Mes- sage to Parliament, of March 7th, 1774, on the Proceed- ings in North America. FOURTH SERIES. From the King's Message of March 7th, 1774, to the Decla- ration of Independence, by the United States, in 1776. FIFTH SERIES. From the Declaration of Independence, in 1776, to the De- finitive Treaty of Peace with Great Britain, in 1783. SIXTH SERIES. From the Treaty of Peace, in 1783, to the final ratification of the Constitution of Government for the United States, proposed by the Convention, held at Philadelphia, in 1787. BY PETER FORCE. PREPARED AND PUBLISHED UNDER AUTHORITY OF AN ACT OF CONGRESS.