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No. 6]
A Good Collection
B R. Carroll, Historical Collections of South Carolina. (2 vols.)

(*)Correspondence of the American Revolution. (Sparks, 4 vols.)
Samuel Curwen, Journal and Letters.
John Dickinson, Writings. (2 vols.)
Documents relating to the Colonial History of New Jersey. (19 vols.)
(*)Documents relative to the Colonial History of New-York. (Vols. IV-VIII, X, XI.)
William Douglass, Summary. (2 vols.)
(*)Benjamin Franklin, Works. (Sparks and Bigelow, 10 vols.)
Alexander Graydon, Memoirs.
William Heath, Memoirs.
Francis Hopkinson, Miscellaneous Essays. (3 vols.)
Gilbert Imlay, Topographical Description.
Peter Kalm, Travels. (2 editions.)
Maryland Archives. (16 vols.)
Cotton Mather, Magnalia.
(*)Frank Moore, Diary of the Revolution. (2 vols.)
New Hampshire Records. (27 vols.)
(*)Hezekiah Niles, Principles and Acts of the Revolution.
Old South Leaflets. (75 nos., or 3 vols.) < br/> Thomas Paine, Writings. (Several editions.)
Thomas Pownall, Administration of the Colonies.
William Pynchon, Diary.
Madame Riedesel, Letters and Memoirs. (2 editions.)
Samuel Sewall, Diary. (3 vols.)
Stedman and Hutchinson, Library of American Literature. (Vols. II-III.)
W. L. Stone, Letters of Brunswick and Hessian Officers.
James Thacher, Military Journal.
(*)Town records of Boston or Providence or Worcester.
John Trumbull, Autobiography.
(*)George Washington, Writings. (Sparks, 12 vols.)
Barrett Wendell, Cotton Mather.
Francis Wharton, Revolutionary Diplomatic Correspondence. (6 vols.)

John Woolman, Journal.