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No. 207]
The National Debt
payment has not been made, and of which no exact returns have yet been obtained, together with expenses of commissioners and ministers abroad, estimated at Dollars An. Interest.
1,518,028 6,000,000 360,000

Deduct for depreciation on money borrowed from 1st Sept. 1777, to 1st March, 1778 883,914

Principal sum specie 17,391,564 An. Interest 1,096,52823
Due to the army for pay and subsistence, up to the last of December, 1780, estimated 1,000,000

Due to the civil officers of government 98,927
Besides the above, there are large debts contracted by the quartermaster and commissary, for part of which they have settled with the persons who have furnished the supplies, and given them certificates, bearing interest, viz:
The late quartermaster has returned debts settled 20,758,850
Unsettled, (exchanging those contracted in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia) estimated at 87,148,870