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Sec. 314. Federal State agreements to administer a self-employment assistance program.
Sec. 315. Conforming amendment on payment of Bridge to Work wages.
Sec. 316. Additional extended unemployment benefits under the Railroad Unemployment Insurance Act.


Sec. 321. Establishment of Reemployment NOW program.
Sec. 322. Distribution of funds.
Sec. 323. State plan.
Sec. 324. Bridge to Work program.
Sec. 325. Wage insurance.
Sec. 326. Enhanced reemployment strategies.
Sec. 327. Self employment programs.
Sec. 328. Additional innovative programs.
Sec. 329. Guidance and additional requirements.
Sec. 330. Report of information and evaluations to Congress and the public.
Sec. 331. State.


Sec. 341. Treatment of short time compensation programs.
Sec. 342. Temporary financing of short time compensation payments in States with programs in law.
Sec. 343. Temporary financing of short time compensation agreements.
Sec. 344. Grants for short time compensation programs.
Sec. 345. Assistance and guidance in implementing programs.
Sec. 346. Reports.

Subtitle B—Long Term Unemployed Hiring Preferences

Sec. 351. Long term unemployed workers work opportunity tax credits.

Subtitle C—Pathways Back to Work

Sec. 361. Short title.
Sec. 362. Establishment of Pathways Back to Work Fund.
Sec. 363. Availability of funds.
Sec. 364. Subsidized employment for unemployed, low income adults.
Sec. 365. Summer employment and year round employment opportunities for low income youth.
Sec. 366. Work based employment strategies of demonstrated effectiveness.
Sec. 367. General requirements.
Sec. 368. Definitions.

Subtitle D—Prohibition of Discrimination in Employment on the Basis of an Individual's Status as Unemployed

Sec. 371. Short title.
Sec. 372. Findings and purpose.
Sec. 373. Definitions.
Sec. 374. Prohibited acts.
Sec. 375. Enforcement.
Sec. 376. Federal and State immunity.
Sec. 377. Relationship to other laws.
Sec. 378. Severability.