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Carl Sandburg

    skeleton riders on skeleton horses,
    stems of roses in their teeth,
    rose leaves red on white-jaw slants,
    grinning along on Pennsylvania Avenue,
    the top-sergeants calling roll calls—
    did their horses nicker a horse laugh?
    did the ghosts of the boney battalions
    move out and on, up the Potomac, over on the Ohio
    and out to the Mississippi, the Missouri, the Red River,
    and down to the Rio Grande, and on to the Yazoo,
    over to the Chattahoochee and up to the Rappahannock?
    did you see 'em, stars of the night sky?

    And so to-day—they lay him away—
    the boy nobody knows the name of—
    they lay him away in granite and steel—
    with music and roses—under a flag—
    under a sky of promises.