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Yayepataraye, v.i. To exercise self-restraint.

Yayepkara-guru, n. A glutton.

Yayoparasechui, v.i. To exult. To say hurrah. To cheer.

Yayakoetaptapu, v.t. To roll up. To wrap up.

Yayunpa, v.i. To meet with an accident.

Yayepupu, v.i. To have aching calves.

Ye, n. Matter. Humour. Pus. Fat. The matter of a boil. Fine pumice from volcanoes. White clay. As : — Ye-ush, " mattery." " Having pus." " Fatty." Syn: E.

Ye, v.t. To tell. To say. To adduce. To announce. To attest. To acknowledge. As: — Ye wa ambe, " that which was said."

Ye, n. Business. (This word can only refer to business of word of mouth).

Ye-hi, v.i. To be said. Said. He spake. As : — Ene ye-hi, "he spake thus."

Yep, n. A thing spoken. . A speech.

Yepe, n. Discoloured water. Fatty water.

Yepi, n. Same as yep.

Yoikiri, v.t. To arrange.

Yokane, adv. Behind. Following. After. As: — En yokane ek, " follow me." Yokane ambe, "a person following after."

Yokkata, adv. Earnestly. Mostly. Syn: Eunkashi no.

Yoko, v.t. To aim at, as with a spear.

Yoko, v.i. To wait.

Yokore, v.t. To set, as a trap. As : — Eremu akbe yokore, " to set a rat trap.

Yomi, v.i. To shrink.

Yomikyomik, v.i. and adj. To be wrinkled. To become contracted. Crumpled;

Yomikyomikte, v.t. To crumple up. To wrinkle.

Yomne, v.t. To cease. Completed. To warn.

Yomne-ki, v.t. To cease. To warn.

Yomomke, v.i. To bum or scald.

Yompa, v.i. to shrink.

Yongoro, or Yongororo, v.t. To lie in wait. To go in quest. To look for. To crouch as a cat to catch a mouse. To watch for.