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n, Filipendula kamts-chatica. Max.

Yukoikire, v.t To interfere. To intermeddle. To stir up strife. To spread a false report about one. As ; — En orushpe yukoikire, " he spread a false report about me."

Yakoikire-guru, n. A meddler.

Yuk-pungara, n. Hydrangea scandens, Max.

Yukram, n. The liver. Kinop.

Yuk-raige-ni, n. Picrasma ailanthoides, Planch, Also called shiu-ni.

Yuk-topa-kina, n. Pachysandra terminalis, S, et Z.

Yuk-uturu-otbe-an, v.i. To diminish. As : — Ainu yukuturu otbe an, " the Ainu are decreasing. Syn : Wenpa. Shiepupu kor'an.

Yupi, or Yupihi, or Yupo, or Yubi, n. An elder brother.

Yupke, adj. Strong. Wild. Severe.

Yupke-no, adv. Severely. Wildly. Earnestly.

As : — Yupke no ye, " to speak earnestly." Yupke no kik, "to beat severely."

Yupkep, n. An accidental death. As : Yupkep an, "to die by accident.

Yupkere, v.t. To strengthen.

Yupkiri, v.t. To sow broadcast. Syn: lyama.

Yuppa, v.t. To knead, as dough.

Yuptek, adj. Industrious. Active. Assiduous.

Yuptek-i, n. Activity. Assiduity.

Yuptek-no, adv. Actively. Industriously.

Yupu, v.t. To do earnestly. To do with might. As: — Kiroro yupu wa ki wa en kore, " please do it with all your might."

Yusa, v.i. To turn away in anger. To go off in a huff. Syn: Ikesho.

Yuta, n. A mortar. Syn: Uta.,

Yuta-ni, n. A pestle used for pounding in a mortar. Syn: Uta-ni.

Yutara, v.t. To send a verbal message.