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��Biggai — the affectionate address

to a brother ; brother ! Biloa — he-thee ; conj. dual. Bin — thee ; ace. case. Bintuu — a male parent; a father. Binug — thou-him ; conj. dual. Bir — sounds as in Eng. 'bird.' Birrikca — slept ; was asleep. Birriki-birriki — sound asleep. Birrikilligel — the lying (resting,

sleeping) place: a bedroom, &c. Birrikilliko — to lie along ; to

take rest, as by lying down

to sleep. Birrikin — pres. part., sleeping;

being asleep. Birug — from; apart from ; out of. Bith-dekem-millia-Zff«., 20,000. Bitta — the edge or sides. Bin — rhymes with Eng. 'pew.' Bi-uwil — auxiliary sign of the

optative mood. Bi-uwil koa — auxiliary sign of

the subjunctive mood. Biyug — the affectionate address

to a male parent ; father ! Biyugbai — a father ; the male

parent. Biyugbai-nug — ace, the father,

as the oVjject. Biyngbai-ta — the father, as the

subject; it is the father. Biyug-ta-uwa bali — dual ; both

father and I have

Biyugbai-to — the father, acting

as an agent or as the subject

to an active verb. Bo — the self-same ; as, gatoa-bo,

' I myself; unti-bo, 'this self- same place.' Boaikulleiin — grew, of itself. Boaikulliko — to grow or shoot

up, of itself. Boa-ma— gathered together, col- lected. BoamJi korien — did not gather


��Boamulliko — to gather together,

to collect. Bobog — a babe ; an infant. Bokatog — the surf of the sea ;

a wave. Bomo — 6'r., an altar. Bon — ace, the pronoun 'him.' Bonig — ashes. Boo — Gr., an ox. Book (fbiblion, Gr.)— Eng., hook. Book kaba — in (on) the book. Bo-ta — itself ; it itself. Botru — Gr., grapes. Bougbugga — hascaused to arise;

did cause to arise ; arose. Bougbuggamin — will cause to

arise by personal agency ; will

be made to rise ; shall l)e

raised up. Bougbuggulliko — to cause to

arise by personal agency ; to

raise up. Bougkatea-kanun — will be raised

again by command ; will again

stand up. Bougkulleun — arose, got up. Bougkullia — inq')., arise, get up. Bougkullia kan — one who has

arisen by command. Bou gkuUia-kan-katea-kan — one

who has arisen again by com- mand. Bougkulliko — to arise, to get

up, to stand up. Bougkulli korien — not to arise. Bougkullinun — will rise. Bougkullinun-wal — shall arise ;

will certainly rise. BougkuUia-kanun — will arise by

command. Bounnoun — ace, her. Bounnoiinba — belonging to her. Bounnoun kai— because of her. Bounnoun kinbirug — from her ;

away from (apart from) her. Bountoa — she. Bredd (farto, Gr.) — Eng., Dread.

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