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Imprinted at London, by Leonard Askel for Fraunces Godlyf. In the yeare of oure Lorde. 1562.

[Woodcut of a child at the top.Verse and Prose.]

(In the Stationers' Registers, under the date 1561-2, is preserved this entry:—"Rd. of Fraunces Godlyfe, for his lycense for pryntinge of the picture of a monsterus chylde wch was bowrne in Suffolke" [no sum]. Probably the clerk, by mistake, wrote "Suffolk" for "Sussex." "John D." we believe to have been John Demyll, author of "A merry prognostication," licensed to W. Pickering in 1566–7.)


A New Ballad against Unthrifts

Finis, Quoth W. F.

Imprinted at London at the long Shop adjoining unto Saint Mildreds Churche in the Poultry, by John Alde.

(Entered in the Stationers' Books in 1561– 2. "W. F." was, in all probability, William Fulwood, the author of the "Supplication to Elderton," and many other broadsides.)


The Shape of, 2 Monsters.1562.

Amen. q. W. F.

Imprinted at London at the Long Shop in the Pultry by John Alde.

[Woodout at the top of two pigs, inclosed in a plain border.Prose and Verse.]

("W. F." QueryWilliam Fulwood?)


O, prayse God and blesse his name
His mightye hand hath wrought the same.

Imprinted at London in Fletestrete nere to S. Dunstons church by Thomas Marshe

[Woodcut of a child at the top.Verse and Prose.]



Imprinted at London by Alexander Lacy for Garat Dewes, dwellyng in Poules church yarde, at the East end of the Church.

[Woodcut of a pig, the fore part and the back part, at the top.Prose.]

(John Aldehad a license to print "the picture of a monsterus pigge," in 1561–2, which was probably the "Hampstead Pig, above described)