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that شياشق‎ is only the Pehlevian form of سياسه‎. The word سياسة‎ has been used as a title to a host of moral treatises, or works on ordinary and common subjects.

The Greeks and Persians are not the only foreign nations mentioned by Kúthámí. He speaks also of the Indians and the Egyptians.[1] I do not lay so much stress on his allusion to the Egyptians, who may have had organized sciences at the remote period[2] to which Dr. Chwolson refers. But it may be safely asserted that this was not the case with the Indians. The Brahman race were, at that time, scarcely established in the valley of the Ganges. In many widely differing ways we arrive at the conclusion that positive science is of modern introduction into Brahman India, and that it has been introduced from abroad.

The Jews are only once named in “The Book of Nabathæan Agriculture,” and I

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