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contradictory and absurd genealogies to Canaan, son of Ham. Nemrod, is, according to them, a title common to all the sovereigns of the Nabathæans, on which account they have made a plural to it النماردة[1] An Arabian geography, which M. Quatremère believes to be anonymous, but which M. Reinaud[2] has shown to be the work of Dimeshki, enumerating the nations comprised under the name of Nabathæans, places among them the Chaldæans, Casdæans, Jenbáns, Garmæans, Kútaris, and Canaanites.[3] M. Quatremère[4] quotes at the same time a passage from the “Agriculture” where the Canaanites and the inhabitants of Syria are comprehended among the Nabathæans. The total want of judgment and accuracy which characterises Arabian historians, when treating of ancient history, does not however admit of any safe conclusions being drawn from these passages.

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