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rested and confined on Cobras Island, and either put on board their own, country ships that may touch here, or sent to Lisbon as prisoners.

Besides the religious buildings, the other public edifices are the Viceroys palace, which forms one side of a flagged square, fronting the landing-place: contiguous to this, and nearly adjoining each, other, are the opera-house, the royal stables, the prison[1], and the mint. The opera-house, which holds about six hundred persons, is open on Thursdays, Sundays, and most holidays: the pieces performed are, in-

  1. In passing, the prison, strangers are disgusted with the sight of half-starved and naked prisoner with iron chains extending from their necks to the prison door, sufficiently long, to admit their coming to the foot-path of the street, for the purpose of begging.