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stepped from the boat literally into a wood. Parties of people were every where heard and seen variously employed; some in clearing ground for the different encampments; others in pitching tents, or bringing up such stores as were more immediately wanted; and the spot which had so lately been the abode of silence and tranquillity was now changed to that of noise, clamour, and confusion: but after a time, order gradually prevailed. As the woods were opened and the ground cleared, the various encampments were extended, and all wore the appearance of regularity and decorum.

A portable canvas-house, brought over for the Governor, was erected on the East side of the Cove (which was named Sydney), where a small body of convicts were put under tents. The detachment of marines was encamped at the head of the Cove near the stream; and on the West side was placed the main body of the convicts. Every person belonging to the settlement being landed, the numbers amounted to 1030 persons. The tents for the sick were placed on the West side; and it was observed, with concern, that their numbers were fast increasing. The scurvy, that had not appeared during the passage, now broke out; which, aided by a dysentery, began to fill the hospital, and several died. In addition to the medicines that were administered, every species of esculent plants that could be found in the country were procured for them: wild celery, spinach, and parsley, fortunately grew in great abundance: those who were in health, as well as the sick, were very glad to introduce them into their messes, and found them a pleasant as well as wholesome addition to the ration of salt provisions.

The public stock, consisting of one bull, four cows, one bull-calf, one stallion, three mares, and three colts, was removed to a spot at the head of the adjoining Cove, which was cleared for a small farm, intended to be placed under the direction of a person brought out by the Governor.

Some ground having been prepared near His Excellency′s house on the East side, the plants from Rio-de-Janeiro and the Cape of Good Hope were safely brought on shore; and the new settlers soon had

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