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The U.S.S. PC815 wes manned by S.C.T.C. trained officers and petty officers, experienced in handling ASN vessels or at least closely instructed.

The sound equipment of the U.S.S. PC815 is QCS and was easily the best, probably the only, efficient sound gear on the scene, well cared for and well-manned.

All attack conning was done by the Commanding Officer as well as all usual conning during the period of attacks, search and patrol. With due allowance for lack of rest, all attacks were conducted and operated on standard procedure on the doctrine of Fleet Sound School, Key West, Florida.

This vessel appreciates the favor of Comnowestseafron for allowing it to remain on the scene and later, for the interview.


It is specifically claimed that one submarine presumably Japanese, possibly a mine-layer, was damaged beyond ability to leave the scene and that one submarine, presumably Japanese, possibly a mine layer, was damaged beyond ability to return to its base.

This vessel has requested permission to search for possible wrecks on the bottom to bouy them to be swept for or dived for. It is the opinoin of this vessel that at least attacks/or in the in the vicinity of attacks VII, VIII, and IX, in 92 fathoms of water. Due to stress of attack or later attempts to get away, these positions may not mark, exactly, the locality of any wreck.

This vessel wishes no credit for itself. It was built to hunt submarines. Its people were trained to hunt submarines. Although exceeding its orders originally by attacking the first contact, this vessel feels only that it has done the job for which it was intended and stands ready to do that job again.

L. Ron Hubbard
Lieutenant, D-V(S), USSR
Commanding U.S.S. PC815