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The Sparrow, the Woodpecker, the Fly, the Frog and the Elephant

Panchatantra 207
The Mouse Metamorphosed into a Girl " 209
The Lion and the Jackal " 212
The Monkey and the Crocodile " 213
The Frog and the Serpent " 216
The Lioness, the Whelps and the Little Jackal " 220
The Two Fishes and the Frog " 222
The Bird With Two Beaks " 224
The Brahman Saved By a Crab " 225
The Story of the Mouse Merchant Katha-Sarit-Sagara 226
The Merchant's Son and the Iron Scales " 228
The Monkeys, the Firefly and the Bird " 229
The Servant Who Looked After a Door " 230
The Servants Who Kept the Rain Off the Trunks " 231
The Snake With Two Heads " 232
The Brahman and the Mongoose " 232
The Discontented Ox Munika Jataka 233
The Stupid Monkeys Aramadusaka Jataka 234
The Judas Tree Kimsukopami Jataka 235
The Otters and the Jackal Darbhapappha Jataka 237
The Seeds and the Wheat "Les Avadanes" 238


The Camel and the Rat Jami, "The Baharistan" 241
The Camel and the Ass " 241
The Dog and the Loaf of Bread " 242
The Camel and the Shrub " 242
The Red Wasp and the Honey-bee " 243
The Peacock, the Crow and the Tortoise " 244
The Young Fox and His Mother " 245
The Firefly Sadi, "The Burstan" 245
The Young Camel and His Mother " 245
Abdul Aziz and the Pearl " 246