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 Where to go or stay;
She said, "I'm not a baby,
 Here I am half-grown;
Surely I am big enough
 To run about alone!"

Off she went, but somebody
 Hiding saw her pass;
Soon like snow her feathers
 Covered all the grass,
So she made a supper
 For a sly young mink,
'Cause she was so headstrong
 That she wouldn't think.

Once there was a robin.
 Lived outside the door.
Who wanted to go inside
 And hop upon the floor.
"Oh, no," said the mother,
 "You must stay with me;
Little birds are safest
 Sitting in a tree."

"I don't care," said Robin,
 And gave his tail a fling,
"I don't think the old folks
 Know quite everything."