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But pray, Madam Sage,
Where are you bound."—"Oh, China!"—"Really!— why?"
"I love the country—as I ought, indeed—
They know my value there;
At home they treat me almost like a weed:
Thank Heaven, the wind is fair—
China's the place where merit makes its way;
I'm going there—good day!"

(Antoine François le Bailly, Fables Nouvelles. Translated by the Rev. Wm. Lucas Collins.)


A PERT young Clock began to shout
(He was just set up) to the Dial below—
"Well, what's the hour? I can't find out
From you." The Dial said—"I don't know."
"Then what's the use of your Dial-ship, pray.
If you can't tell folks the time of day?"
"I wait," said he, "for the Sun to shine;
Knowledge of time is his, not mine."
"Wait if you will," said the Clock, "but I
Have nothing to do with the Sun;
Just a turn of the hand, come once a week.
Is all the help that I ever seek
To keep me going—so perfectly
My hands in their courses run.
Hark! I'm going to strike—now listen to me—
One—two—three—four! That's just the time."