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Japanese and English Exercises.

this harbour and reach Yokohama? 13. The mail will start from this harbour to-day and reach Yokohama to-morrow evening. 14. I met that person in the street and told that story. 15. I bought that article in this shop and sent it to my friend. 16. Is this the place (where) I have lost a knife, and looked for it yesterday. 17. Yes, this is the place where you have lost your knife. 18. Is this the name of a person who came here yesterday? 19. Does this child read that book and remember (it) well. 20. Yes, that child reads that book, remembers it well and tells the other people what he has read (yonda koto). 21. Did you receive this letter and read it yesterday? 22. I received this letter yesterday and read it this morning. 23. Did you hear an amusing story yesterday, write it in a letter, and send it to your friend? 24. Yes, I wrote in a letter an amusing story which I heard last night, and sent it to my friend.

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