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posite at their insertion, as Pinus cariadensis, Lamb. Pin. t. 32, and the Yew, Taxus baccata, Engl. Bot. t. 746.

Secunda, unilateral, or leaning all towards one side, as Convallaria multiflora, t. 279.

Adpressa, close-pressed to the stem, as Xeranthemum sesamoides, Curt. Mag. t. 425.

Verticalia, perpendicular, both sides at right angles with the horizon, as Lactuca Scariola, Engl. Bot. t. 268.

Erecta, upright, forming a very acute angle with the stem, as Juncus articulatus, t. 238.

Patentia, spreading, forming a moderately acute angle with the stem or branch, as Atriplex portulacoides, t. 261.

Horizontalia, horizontal, or patentissima, spreading in the greatest possible degree, as Gentiana campestris, t. 237.

Reclinata, inclining downward, as Leonurus Cardiaca, t. 286.

Recurva, or reflexa, curved backward, as Erica retorta, Curt. Mag. t. 362.