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This is one of those Classes abolished by the celebrated Thunberg, and by several less intelligent writers who have followed him. The reasons which led to this measure appear to have been that Linnæus has erroneously placed in Gynandria several plants which have not the requisite character; hence that character itself has been judged ambiguous, or not founded in nature, and the system has been supposed to be simplified by overlooking it. This appears to me a great mistake. The character of the Class, taken as above, is as evident, constant and genuine as that of any other in the system. No doubt can arise, if we be careful to observe that the stamens actually grow out of the germen or style, and not merely out of any part that supports the germen; as will appear by examples.

1. Monandria. Stamen, or sessile Anther, 1 only. This contains all the beautiful and curious natural family of the Orchideæ, or Orchis tribe, except only Cypripedium, which belongs to the next Order, I am induced to consider the bulk of this family as monandrous, upon a careful review of