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but it is a duty incumbent on every one. Charlemagne’s daughters would put to shame many of the young ladies of the present day.


Sloth here leads to misery hereafter. In Holland long ago in early times people who would not work were subjected to the following punishment: They were confined singly in a small cell, into which a stream of water constantly flowed. The occupant of the cell was forced, to save himself from being drowned, to pump the water out; for this purpose there was a handle in the wall. The amount of water that flowed into the cell was proportioned to the strength of the man who had to pump it out; and the quantity was increased every day. By this means the limbs stiffened by want of use were rendered supple, and the indolent members of society soon begged to be released from their unwelcome task, and gladly accepted less toilsome and more profitable work. In a future life the slothful will not escape the divine chastisements.