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margin) has throughout been adopted as a basis. Several changes have, however, been made, chiefly in the direction of greater literalness. These are mainly the work of Mr. Claude G. Montefiore. For this service, as well as for much other help, I am greatly indebted to him.

My thanks are also due to the Chief Rabbi, to Dr. Friedlander, Mr. I. Abrahams, and the Rev. Dr. Berlin for the valuable assistance they have rendered me while the book was passing through the press.

The copyright of the book is vested in the Jewish Association for the Diffusion of Religious Knowledge.


LONDON, Tammuz, 5651—July, 1891.


The present Fourth Edition has been carefully corrected and revised. It has been enlarged by the addition of the Service at the Setting of a Tombstone, and the Memorial Service for the Dead, the latter comprising a Prayer composed by the Chief Rabbi.

LONDON, Nisan, 5655—April, 1895.


Five Editions, numbering 38,000 copies, have already been exhausted of the Authorised Daily Prayer Book of the United Hebrew Congregations of the British Empire. The fact shows how great has been the need of such a volume for the use of English-speaking Jews, and is also a gratifying testimony to the manner in which the Authorised Daily Prayer Book has established itself in the public favour. That it has been possible to keep the selling price of the book at One Shilling is due to the continued generosity of Mrs. Nathaniel Montefiore.

A Sixth Edition, larger than any previous one, is herewith issued.

LONDON, Tammuz, 5660—July 1900.