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5. Behold he is the Lord of the universe: to every creature he teacheth his greatness and his sovereignty.

6. The rich gift of his prophecy he gave unto the men of his choice, in whom he gloried.

7. There hath never yet arisen in Israel a prophet like unto Moses, one who hath beheld his similitude.

8. The Law of truth God gave unto his people by the hand of his prophet, who was faithful in his house.

9. God will not alter nor change his Law to everlasting for any other.

10. He watcheth and knoweth our secret thoughts: he beholdeth the end of a thing before it existeth.

11. He bestoweth lovingkindness upon a man according to his work; he giveth to the wicked evil according to his wickedness.

12. He will send our anointed at the end of days, to redeem them that wait for the end—his salvation.

13. In the abundance of his lovingkindness God will quicken the dead. Blessed for evermore be his glorious name.

He is Lord of the universe, who reigned ere any creature yet was formed:

At the time when all things were made by his desire, then was his name proclaimed King.

And after all things shall have had an end, he alone, the dreaded one, shall reign;

Who was, who is, and who will be in glory.

And he is One, and there is no second to compare to him, to consort with him:

Without beginning, without end: to him belong strength and dominion.

And he is my God—my Redeemer liveth and—a rock in my travail in time of distress;

And he is my banner and my refuge, the portion of my cup on the day when I call.

Into his hand I commend my spirit, when I sleep and when I wake;

And with my spirit, my body also: the Lord is with me, and I will not fear.