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On Festivals, except on Sabbath, the following Order of the Blessing of the Priests is added in the Additional Amidah after "acceptable, unto thee," p. 164.

The Priests ascend the steps of the Ark.

Cong. and Reader.--And may our prayer be acceptable unto thee as burnt offering and as sacrifice. O thou who art merciful, we beseech thee, in thine abundant mercy to restore thy divine presence unto Zion, and the ordained service to Jerusalem. And let our eyes behold thy return in mercy to Zion, and there will we worship thee in awe, as in the days of old and as in ancient years.

Reader.--Blessed art thou, O Lord, whom alone we serve in awe.

Continue " We give thanks unto thee," p. 164, to " it is becoming to give thanks," p. 165.

The Reader says to "and his sons" in an undertone.

Our God and God of our fathers, bless us with the, three-fold blessing of thy Law written by the hand of Moses thy servant, which was spoken by Aaron and his sons,

Reader:--The priests,

Cong.:--Thy holy people, as it is said:

The Priests pronounce the following blessing:

Blessed art thou, O Lord our God, King of the universe, who hast sanctified us with the sanctity of Aaron and hast commanded us to bless thy people Israel in love.

Reader followed by the Priests, word for word. Cong.:

The Lord bless thee and keep thee: Amen.

The Lord make his face to shine upon thee and be gracious unto thee: Amen.

The Lord turn his face unto thee and give thee peace. Amen. Selah.