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AN Annotated Edition of his work was planned by the translator of the Authorised Daily Prayer Book, but the fulfilment of this desire devolved upon me. I was fully acquainted with Mr Singer's intentions, and I have endeavoured to work in the spirit which animated him, so that this edition should be as true a memorial to his name as the original book has proved.

The purpose of the Notes has been mainly devotional. To explain the words of the prayers and to indicate the significance of their—ideas this has been my chief concern. But this end could not be attained without offering some account of the history and some indication of the sources of the component parts of the liturgy. Hence the Notes are historical as well as explanatory.

In the course of the Notes many references are made to authorities, ancient and modern, and I have recorded my obligations. Here, however, it is fitting to put into prominence my constant indebtedness to S. Baer. Just as the text of Mr Singer's Prayer Book was largely founded on Baer's text, so these Notes may be said to be largely founded on Baer's Commentary. Naturally, however, much new liturgical material has become available since Baer wrote in 1868.

It must be clearly understood that the Notes in the present edition are not meant primarily for the student; they are designed for the worshipper. Many however