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while the breath of life is within us. And may their souls repose in the land of the living, beholding thy glory and delighting in thy goodness.

And now, O good and beneficent God, what shall we say, what shall we speak unto thee? Our needs are many, our knowledge slender. Shame covers us as often as the remembrance of all thy love for us rises within our minds. O turn this day in lovingkindness and tender mercy to the prayers of thy servants who pour out their souls before thee. May thy lovingkindness not depart from us. Give us our needful sustenance, and let us not be in want of the gifts of flesh and blood. Remove from us care and sorrow, distress and fear, shame and contempt. Let thy grace be with us, that we may rear our children to keep thy commandments and to fulfil thy will all the days of their life. O God, take us not hence in the midst of our days. Let us complete in peace the number of our years. Verily we know that our strength is frail, and that thou hast made our days as hand-breadths. Help us, O God of our salvation, to bear ourselves faithfully and blamelessly during the years of our pilgrimage. And when our end draws nigh and we depart this world, be thou with us, and may our souls be bound up in the bond of life with the souls of our parents and of the righteous who are ever with thee. Amen, and Amen.