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There are infinite numbers of species of insects in the country. Many are poisonous, and the bites of others are very painful.

Butterflies (mariposas) and ants (hormigas) exist in great variety.

The arriera, or carrying-ant, is very injurious to agriculture. The black and red ant are abundant, and their

AGTM D116 Cochineal insects on a cactus branch.png

1. Cochineal Insects on branch of Cactus. 2. Female Insect. 3. Male Insect.

sting produces much pain. There are six kinds of bees (abejas).

Among the worms may be mentioned the teocuilin, which possesses the properties of the cantharides, and the temahuani, whose bite is venomous.

Ticks (reznos), mosquitoes (mosquitos), jiggers (neguas), and moniquiles, are common in the tierra caliente. The latter burrow under the skin, causing great suffering (see p. 156).

The cochineal, or cochinilla, is found extensively in Oaxaca. Fleas (pulgas) are plentiful throughout the country.