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upward. Cedars and firs grow on the crest of the Sierra Madre, above 6,500 feet.

The State of Chihuahua possesses fine grazing-land (see p. 285). There are much fertile soil and valuable timber in the portions of Sinaloa adjacent to the line.

AGTM D345 The Pitahaya.png

The Pitahaya.

This curious plant is common in various parts of Sonora. The stem is from one foot to two and a half feet in diameter, and the height varies from twenty to fifty feet.

The following is a condensed itinerary of this line from Topolobampo to Piedras Negras:

Gonzalez City, on the north side of the inner port of Topolobampo Bay, will be the site of the western terminus of the railway. The projected