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perature of the year is 65° Fahr., the maximum being 87° and the minimum 41° Fahr.

OLD GUATEMALA (la Antigua).

Population, 20,000 in 1883.

The city lies in latitude 14° 34' 58" north, and longitude 90° 44' 5" west of Greenwich. It was founded in 1524.

AGTM D370 The Plaza, Old Guatemala.png

The Plaza, Old Guatemala.

by Pedro de Alvarado. In 1541 it was destroyed by a flood of water from the adjacent Volcan de Agua, near the foot of which the ruins of the ancient capital are extant. The remains are now known as the Ciudad Vieja; i. e., Old City.

The city was soon afterward rebuilt on a spot a mile distant from the original site, and between the volcanoes