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Harrison for a time-piece not now in use, being long ago left in the shade by the still advancing light of British genius, and which after all was only tried in a voyage to Barbadoes—what reward may not honestly be demanded for leading the way to regions never heard of, nor conceived in the most romantic fancy, placed for ages beyond mortal ken, and opening, as the reader will see hereafter, to the discovery of a nation as highly civilized as our own, though differing from it almost throughout in all the distinguishing characteristics of mankind? I am well aware, however, that until my veracity shall be established by the Board of Admiralty, doubts may remain in the minds of some as to the authority of this history, yet as far as it has advanced hitherto, there is surely nothing in the least incredible.—Even thirty years ago, a man would not have received more immediate credit who had proposed to produce, at his pleasure and at any distances, the explosions of celestial fire; or to rise above the clouds, and pass the channel which divides us from theCon-