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Continent, in a globe of oiled silk; or who should have staked a large sum to rival even British navigation, by impelling a vessel with condensed steam against the winds and tides.—As little would any man have then ventured into a coal-pit, upon the trust that the same means employed as a hydraulic engine would clear it of the torrents rushing in every direction through the bowels of the earth; and least of all, that he could safely contend there against the most mortal elements of the subterranean world, by having the magic lantern of Davy by his side.

But before I leave for ever this imaginary obstacle to the reception of my adventures, it may be as well to give a decisive answer at once to sceptical readers of every description, upon reasons more within general reach than the principles of philosophy or mathematics. It is not known to the multitude that the earth is held in her place by the attraction of the sun, but all the world knows that every man is attracted by his own interests.—If Ihad