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since it could operate only against myself? Perhaps, therefore, in a few years hence, when packets are continually passing and repassing between the twin worlds, and when the gazettes and pamphlets of the country I am about to describe are lying upon our tables, though this volume must then cease to be interesting, its author may be remembered, and his memory respected.

The placid ocean on which we were now launched continued but a short time pacific. We were soon overtaken by a second storm, too like the former we had encountered, the shock of which, from the shattered condition of our vessel, it was impossible to sustain. I shall not weary the reader, according to custom, with any detailed account of our shipwreck.—If the sunken rock we struck upon had been within the reach of any one who shall read this history, I should have pointed out its position, but that not being the case, at least for the present, and as there can be neither improvement nor delightin